Cremation Center

Within Ponte Vedra Valley's funeral home, located on our cemetery grounds, is our cremation center. When death occurs, your loved one is carefully transported to our funeral home by our professional funeral staff, as we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your calls.

Brent Headrick, our licensed funeral director, then meets with your family to learn about your loved one and the type of funeral service you would like to have based on your religious background and individual needs.

When you select Ponte Vedra Valley, you have the comfort of knowing your loved one never leaves our establishment, giving us the unique ability to personally care for your family.

traditional cremation service

Even with cremation, you have the option of having a viewing with a funeral service before cremation takes place. The visitation can be held in Ponte Vedra Valley's beautiful chapel, with modern technology for the creation and display of Memorial DVD’s with personalized music. During this time, the kitchen and reception area are also available for the comfort of your family and friends.

We help you arrange the funeral service in our chapel, your place of worship or other location your family may select. Ponte Vedra Valley is committed to meeting the individual needs of your family and our funeral director is always on hand to explain the options available for the personalization of your loved ones service.

memorial cremation service

This service is very similar to the Traditional Cremation Service, but simpler as there is no separate viewing and embalming is not necessary. Ponte Vedra Valley does however, offer the option for immediate family to have a private, brief moment to view their loved one, if they so choose.

We help you arrange the funeral service in our chapel, your place of worship or other location your family may select.  Merchandise selection, memorial DVD's, and celebration receptions are all options with a Memorial Cremation Service; our funeral director will help guide you in planning the service in honor of your loved one.

basic cremation service

This compassionate and dignified service is available for individuals whose final wish is for cremation. 

Ponte Vedra Valley performs the cremation in our on-site cremation center and then returns the cremains to the family.

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