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florida cemetery

Our licensed funeral director and staff lend a gentle hand to your loved one and your family throughout the entire funeral process. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Feel free to contact us anytime.
904-285-1130  or  904-704-0036

Commonly asked questions

How Do You Prearrange? prearrange
Services can be planned for you and your family members by contacting Brent Hendrick L.F.D. to discuss the needs of your family.

Is embalming required? embalming
No, a common misconception exists that embalming is required by law. Some religions and cultures prohibit the practice of embalming and bury the body within 24 hours. However, embalming may be required by law in some special cases. Also, funeral homes may require embalming if you select certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with viewing. If the body is not buried within 24 hours, refrigeration is required in the State of Florida.

Is Cremation Accepted By All Religions? cremation services
Today most religions allow cremation except for Orthodox Jewish, Islamic, Eastern Orthodox and a few Fundamentalist Christian faiths.

What Can Be Done With The Cremated Remains? scattering garden
There are many options and laws vary from one province or State to another. Cremated remains can be buried in a cemetery lot or cremation garden, inurned in a columbarium, kept at home, or scattered.  Ponte Vedra Valley has many options for the burial, scattering or inurnment of cremated remains.

What do funeral directors do? funeral directors
Funeral directors are caregivers and administrators. They make the arrangements for transportation of the body, complete all necessary paperwork, and implement the choices made by the family regarding the funeral and final disposition of the body.

Funeral directors are listeners, advisors and supporters. They have experience assisting the bereaved in coping with death. Funeral directors are trained to answer questions about grief, recognize when a person is having difficulty coping, and recommend sources of professional help. Funeral directors also link survivors with support groups at the funeral home or in the community.

What options are available besides in ground burial? ground burial
Besides in ground burials, Ponte Vedra Valley also offers entombment in mausoleums. In addition, we provide choices for those who have selected cremation. These include placement of cremated remains in a niche of a columbarium, interment in an in ground urn space, and our scattering garden.  We also offer cremation benches which hold cremated remains that can be placed in the cemetery grounds.

What are mausoleums and crypts? mausoleums and crypts
Mausoleums are structures that have crypts and niches.  Ponte Vedra Valley has an open air mausoleum with crypts and niches, and we also offer private personal estate mausoleums.
Crypts house a casket for those choosing above ground burial.  Following a casket entombment, the crypt is sealed, and a granite or marble front is attached.  With the purchase of a crypt at Ponte Vedra Valley, the engraving of the crypt plate is included.  Our office staff is available to help families decide and arrange the information they would like engraved on the plate. 

Isn't a crypt more expensive than an in ground burial? crypt expense

In most cases, the cost of mausoleum entombment is comparable to the costs of interment in a lot with an upright monument.

What are columbarium's and niches? columbarium's and niches
A columbarium holds several niches.  We have three free standing columbarium's in our cemetery.
Niches are individual compartments that house cremated remains.  Our grounds have a wide variety of niches from single, double depth, and family options.  With the purchase of a niche at Ponte Vedra Valley, the engraving of the niche plate is included.  Our office staff is available to help families decide and arrange the information they would like engraving on the plate.  We also offer private personal estate columbarium's

What are burial vaults? burial vaults
These are the outside containers in which the casket is placed. Burial vaults are made of a variety or combination of materials including concrete, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, bronze, plastic or fiberglass. The purpose of the burial vault is to protect the casket and prevent the ground from sinking.

Must I purchase a burial vault? purchase burial vault
Ponte Vedra Valley requires that you have a sealed, lined burial vault to protect the casket.

Does Ponte Vedra Valley charge a perpetual care fee? perpetual care fee
No.  Ponte Vedra Valley has established a Care and Maintenance Trust Fund to ensure that the beauty of the cemetery will remain in perpetuity. A deposit is made into this fund for each site as it closes, and therefore there are no yearly fees required by the family.

What does the government give a Veteran in regards to a marker? veteran
The United States Government provides headstones and markers for the graves of veterans and eligible dependents anywhere in the world which are not already marked. Flat bronze, flat granite, flat marble, and upright marble types are available to mark the grave of a veteran.

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