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Veteran's Benefits

Unfortunately, veteran’s benefits are not paid automatically, but Ponte Vedra Valley can help you apply for them.

Benefits are subject to change and changes can be found by contacting:
U.S Department of Veteran Affairs at 1-202-872-1151
or in writing:
Dept. of Veteran Affairs
810 Vermont Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC, 20420

904-285-1130  or  904-704-0036

Documents you may need include: death certificate of veteran, discharge papers of veteran, marriage certificate, birth certificates for minor children, receipted funeral bill.

Burial Benefits Payable:
Interment or burial plot allowance – An allowance not exceeding $150 for incurred expenses of interment or burial plot when burial was not in a national cemetery. To be eligible, the deceased must have been receiving disability benefits, compensation or pension.

Basic burial allowance – An allowance of $300 for burial and funeral expenses of the eligible deceased veteran. To be eligible, a veteran must have been receiving pension or compensation from the VA, or be eligible for the same, or have died in a VA facility.

Burial allowance for service connected death – When the veteran’s death occurs as the result of a service connected disability, up to $1500 may be paid in lieu of other burial benefits.

Transportation costs – The cost of transporting the body to the place of burial may be paid in addition to the above allowances when: The veteran died while in a hospital, or domiciliary or nursing home to which he or she had been properly admitted under the authority of the VA; or The veteran died while traveling under the authorization of the VA for the purpose of examination, treatment or care.

Headstones/Markers – A government provided marker is available from the VA to mark the grave of an eligible veteran. Delivery time from the government is currently six months to one year after the application is made.

Burial Flag – An American flag is provided to drape the casket of a veteran or to be present in the properly folded manner. Ponte Vedra Valley will assist you in securing a flag.

Interment in National Cemeteries – The interment of a deceased veteran will be authorized in any cemetery in which grave space is available. There is no charge for a grave in a national cemetery. Application for burial can be made only at the time of death. The VA does not pay the cost of transportation unless the veteran dies of a service-connected disability or was receiving disability compensation. The veteran’s family is also responsible for the other costs associated with the funeral home. Verification of eligibility takes two working days; however some cases may require a longer period of time. The time and date of the burial should not be announced until the cemetery director has confirmed the schedule and authorized interment. Ponte Vedra Valley will assist in filing the necessary paperwork to determine eligibility of benefits.

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