January 2023

Sherry Sutherland-Lazoff

June 25, 1972
January 13, 2023


Sherry Sutherland-Lazoff

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June 25, 1972 – January 14, 2023

Sherry was known by many names. Mama Sherry, Ma, Yaya, Grandma, Jelly Bean, Sister. Beazley, and in her own words; The Evil Twin.  Regardless of what people called her, or how they knew her, the one thing that everyone knew was her heart. Sherry loved. She loved everyone all the time. She forgave without bounds. She would rather be listening to someone's troubles, and finding a way to help them, than to do just about anything else in this world. Everywhere we went she touched a life. She had the unique ability to look at someone and see their greatest need. Whether it was a kind word, or a meal, or a place to just rest for a while, it was her life joy and privilege to do that for everyone. The only thing that she loved more than helping others was loving her babies. Sherry’s greatest loves were her sons, Casy 30, Seamus 13, her nieces, Tabi 18 and Anna 14, who were her daughters too, and her granddaughter Lyllah 8. She leaves behind a large family, including six brothers and sisters; Paul, Perry, Julia, Kathy, Michele, David and all of their lovely spouses and children, her husband of 18 years, Eric, and her twin sister, Sharon (Sissy). Sherry was proceeded in death by her parents, Paul Sutherland, Patricia Lambert, and her eldest sister, Debbie Brower.

Sherry loved the expression that “the dash is the most important part”. The dash between the day you are born, and the day you die. Sherry's dash was filled to the brim. There was not a day she wasted by holding back. She never hoarded her love, her prayers, or her time. Her death leaves a hole in this world that is devastating. While she will be profoundly missed, we pray that you all remember the lessons that she left for us. Love big! Forgiveness is for you, not them. You are important. You deserve to be loved.

Because she lived, we were loved.